Lungi Dance and the Southern stereotype
  • South Indian men prefer their Maggi with curd, like Shah Rukh Khan in Ra One.
  • When they are surprised, all of them say "Yenna, Rascala", "Mind it." Again, SRK but in Om Shanti Om.
  • All Southern men colour co-ordinate their veshtis/lungis with their foreheads by smearing the latter with sacred ash. (Mehmood in Padosan and Gumnaam, Mithun from Agneepath and all the extras playing South Indians in Dirty Picture.)
  • They are intelligent wimps. Remember Chatur Ramalingam (Omi Vaidya) in 3 Idiots.
  • There is an art form called Lungi Dance (Chennai Express).
That's South India, according to Bollywood. It's true that the Hindi film industry stereotypes almost every community, but South Indians are at the receiving end more often than others.
  1. So, In your opinion, does Bollywood unfairly stereotype South Indians?
    Yes No
  2. It's okay as long as it's just in good humour.
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