India should apologise to Michaela Cross
Michaela Cross, an American student, blogged about the sexual harassment she faced in India, a country she otherwise liked. Should India's tourism minister apologise to Cross for her experience? Consider these points before making up your mind:

a) Despite our stated motto of 'Athithi Devo Bhava', women tourists routinely face sexual harassment in India. The gang-rape of a Swiss woman in Madhya Pradesh and the attempted rape of a British tourist in an Agra hotel are examples.

b)Cross' blog has gone viral on the internet. India is fast gaining the reputation as an unfriendly destination for women tourists.

c) By apologising to Cross, India's tourism minister can show that India is aware and therefore willing to work towards correcting that reputation.

  • So, should Chiranjeevi, India's tourism minister, personally apologise to Cross? (Y/N)
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