Those who equate sex with marriage don't live in 2013
A recent court ruling suggests that pre-marital sex between a man and a woman makes them husband and wife. Isn't this thinking out of date? Consider these points and decide:

1. As long as sex is between adults, and with consent, it should be considered legal, no matter the marital status.

2. Lifestyle changes have led to an increase in pre-marital sex among couples who may have no intention to marry.

3. Any thinking that equates marriage with sex reduces the institution of marriage to a licence for sex.

4. Are we bracketing pre-marital sex with sexual harassment and rape, which are outright crimes?

So, what do you think?
  • 1.
    Should adults who have pre-marital sex be forced to marry?
    Yes No
  • 2.
    Or, should we stop confusing sex with marriage?
    Yes No