India Today's previous Sex Surveys
India's first ever, comprehensive, all-female survey that looks at a woman's basic instincts involved interviews with unmarried, married and separated women between 19 and 50 years of age from 10 cities.
The nationwide survey reveals some startling findings. As Indian men continue to place purity above passion, a majority of them are sensitive to their partners' fulfilment and do not treat sex as power play.
An exclusive India Today-AC Nielsen-ORG-MARG survey reveals that urban young singletons are shaking off years of conservatism and asserting their sexuality with growing confidence.
Often hypocritical, obsessed with his looks, sexually smug and quietly homoerotic, the single young urban male is surprisingly standard, across big cities and small. An avid consumer of pornography, he has a rich fantasy life, even though his peer group is dominated by males and his dependence on parents substantial.
The void between the dream of honeymoon and the reality of marriage has to be filled by reclaiming friendship, the birthright of every couple. This India Today survey measures the length and depth of marital issues.