10. K.P. SINGH

Favourite mantra: Think big, create a surplus, and abandon the era of shortages.

Cool old friend: Jack Welch, who invited him to the GE board.

Is particular about: Living well. It could be the mandatory Turnbull and Asser shirts, Burberry ties, with matching pocket handkerchief, or the thrice-weekly golf rounds with his wife—he has a handicap of 14.

Couture quirk: Twenty years ago, he took his best Saville Row suit to a Delhi tailor to have it copied. Now all his suits come from there.


Because the former army captain has built a land empire that currently has 748 million sq feet in developable area in 32 cities, which is twice the area of Lakshadweep. Because DLF’s successful IPO, which put just 10 per cent of its holding in the market, has fetched the group over $2 billion, giving his company a market capitalisation of $24.5 billion. Because the joint venture with Hilton International and a controlling stake in the international luxury chain Aman Resorts will allow DLF to build 25,000 hotel rooms in the next seven years.

Because he will be adding 34 shopping arcades to the group’s current tally of 10 in the next four years. Because his family alone is worth $20 billion. Because last year his company’s profits grew by 1,000 per cent to Rs 1,880 crore. Because he has played a signal role in loosening government hold over the real estate business. Because DLF is now moving into financial services in a joint venture with Prudential and airport development with Fraport Ag, owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport.