Looking forward to: Kingfisher’s first flight to the US.

Is upset about: Political hurdles to opening overseas routes to domestic airlines.

Call sign: The licence plates on his formula car, VJM01.


Evidence of obsessive behaviour: Personally supervises the 24 pictures that appear in the Kingfisher calendar, because “some things you just can’t delegate”.

Style statement: Unbuttoned shirts, accessorised with cleavage-popping starlets, at least one on each arm.



Because he embodies the high life and hard work for young India. Because he has bought Whyte and Mckay, an international Scotch player, from the Scots for Rs 4,800 crore, and a sparkling wine Bouvet Ladubay from the French for almost Rs 90 crore. Because the ownership of a Formula One team and T20 squad is not bad for a decidedly unsporty man.

Because he has taken group revenues to over Rs 12,000 crore and group market capitalisation to Rs 36,000 crore. Because after the merger of Air Deccan with Kingfisher Airlines, he now flies over one million passengers and has a 30 per cent share of the domestic market. Because before the end of the year, he will have achieved his ambition of taking Kingfisher abroad. Because with UB Group’s sales of 66 million cases of 15 brands, he is the country’s largest liquor baron.