The Earth as viewed from Chandrayaan-1
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India's first unmanned lunar spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 successfully landed the Moon Impact Probe on the moon and has already sent first pictures from the lunar surface.
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Chandrayaan reaches final lunar orbit
Chandrayaan descends into lower lunar orbit
Chandrayaan lowered further in lunar orbit
Chandrayaan-I put into lunar orbit
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What is Chandrayaan-1?
  Footsteps on the Moon
Chandrayaan-1 is an unmanned lunar exploration mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The mission includes a lunar orbiter as well as an impactor. The spacecraft will be launched by a modified version of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.
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The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and the 5th-largest natural satellite in the solar system. The centre-to-centre distance from Earth to Moon is 3,84,403 km, about 30 times the diameter of the Earth.
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The Mission
Objectives and areas of study
The journey
The payloads
India in space
Apr 28, 2008: PSLV-C9 successfully launches CARTOSAT-2A, IMS-1 and 8 foreign nano satellites from Sriharikota.
Jan 21, 2008: PSLV-C10 successfully launches TECSAR satellite under a commercial contract with Antrix Corporation.
Sep 2, 2007: Successful launch of GSLV (GSLV-F04) with INSAT-4CR on board from SDSC SHAR.
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Chandrayaan reaches its destination
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  Should India spend Rs 3.8 bn to launch the spacecraft in a time of economic depression?
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