• Aroon Purie

    Chairman and editor-in-chief of the India Today Group Aroon Purie is a long-time collector with a leaning towards the Moderns and a patron of the arts. He seeks to support long-term dialogue between artists and community and is devoted to building a credible public platform for Indian art.

  • Rekha Purie

    Chairperson, Vasant Valley School and collector Rekha Purie ran the Art Today gallery in New Delhi for a decade from 1995, investing a faith in contemporary art and artists long before it became au courant to do so. Initiator of the India Today Awards, she is devoted to building public awareness of the arts.

  • Malvinder Singh

    Healthcare entrepreneur Malvinder Singh has a fondness for the Baroda School of art while his enviable collection of Modern and contemporary masters is liberally used to public good in his various offices. He is a strong believer in public engagement with art.

  • Harshavardhan Neotia

    Chairman of the Ambuja Neotia Group, Harshavardhan Neotia carries a long legacy of supporting the arts, with an affinity towards the School of Bengal, both performing and visual, privately and through cultural institutions. His passion is the antiquities and preserving India’s cultural heritage.

  • Kiran Nadar

    Philanthropist founder of India’s first privately-funded museum of art, Kiran Nadar’s thrust is towards the Moderns but has single-handedly boosted the profile of Indian Moderns and Contemporary artists worldwide. She is one of the few patrons of the arts whose private collection is at the service of the public.

  • Dara Mehta

    Managing Director and head of Equity at of one of the country’s oldest brokering and investment banking firms Darashaw & Co. Dara Mehta is a keen collector of the Moderns and a keen instigator of dialogues between Indian and global art communities. He is a firm believer in the process and documentation of art.

  • Aman Nath

    Restaurateur and writer, Aman Nath’s dedicated restoration of Indian architectural heritage extends from valuable period homes resuscitated to contemporary use by his Neemrana Group to his studies of Lutyens Delhi and the arts of Rajasthan. He believes in the living, engaging art form.

  • Lekha Poddar

    One of the largest private collectors and promoters of classical and contemporary Indian art, Lekha Poddar’s engagement has been one-on-one with artists. Her focus now is intensive outreach programmes to spread awareness of art amongst children and the public at large.

  • Amin Jaffer

    International Director of Asian Art at Christie's Auction House, Amin Jaffer is not only an expert in Indian art, specialising in India’s art ties to the rest of the world, but also of Indian institutions of art, cultural policy and the inclinations of collectors of Indian art.

  • Rohit Chawla

    Group Visual Director of the India Today Group and former JWT adman Rohit Chawla is a maverick contemporary photographer and film maker with interests in the visual arts across technological mediums. His focus is on art pushing the envelope of expression.

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