India Today Art Awards 2020


Art is no longer a beautiful piece on your wall at home of office; it is also about investing and is also the business of art.

The last few years have seen an emergence of a new set of artists who have been experimenting with a whole gamut of material.

Keeping this dynamic art scenario in mind, we have instituted the India Today Art Awards, which seek to encourage and showcase the best of Contemporary Indian Art and embrace all aspects of the Indian Art Market.

The evening will end with a presentation celebrating bold ambition and sheer beauty—a curated collaboration between 10 designers and artists. Designers have created special fashionwear as an interpretation of art --; it will not only be an interplay of thread and fabric but also the forging of a unique narrative of fashion in art and art in fashion. The designer participating are Sunnet Verma; Shivan & Narresh; Pava; Khanwala; Amit Aggarwal; Kira Uttam Ghosh; Pankaj & Nidhi; Samath Chauhan; Suket Dhir; Rahul Mishra; Gaurav Gupta

Entry strictly by invitation

Jury meets to study nominations


India Today Art Awards unveiled


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