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On a train to a new beginning
Two years ago waters claimed her husband. Now, they've take away her two sons. Madhu Devi is in a train full of flood victims, yet all alone.
80-year-old leads war on Kosi in Nepal
Nilendu Sanyal, a former engineer-in-chief in Bihar's Water Resources Department as well as Flood Control Commission has recommended digging a pilot channel so that the excess water of the raging river can be diverted.
Zafeda's silence deafens as Kosi kills newborn
Zafeda Khatum was in her shanty expecting a baby when icy-cold waters caused her to wade through to safety. Born a little later, the baby died of hypothermia.
Mother Kosi, pardon us
Helpless and desperate by wrath of the Kosi, women in Bihar have turned to worshipping the river.
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Human trafficking follows floods
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