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The first meeting of the India Today Board of Experts on Security and Terror finds the Government's response sorely wanting and anti-terror strategy yet to take off.
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India Today panel of experts on 'War on Terror' answer surfers' question.
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Citizen Experts
Mohan Menon
Retired IPS officer who also served in RAW
Murad Baig
Author of a book on Indian heritage
Dr Arup Kumar Sen Gupta
Writes that the media has a big role in bringing about the change.
Captain Dinyar Karai
Writes on the counter terrorism strategy that India needs.
Terrorism and Security
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While thousands of viewers throughout India declare war on terrorism, Headlines Today anchors pledge to bring a difference.
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India Today Group editors resolve to defeat terrorism
Headlines Today correspondents' pledge
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No people have seen terror like Indians have. Over 18,000 citizens died in attacks in the last decade.
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Steps You Can Take
Turn your concern into action. 20 simple things you can do now, that can make a significant impact on our War on Terror:
1. Create Nodes
Define aggregation points in the neighbourhood where people can collect in emergencies.
2. Map It Out
Develop alternate routes to and from work and school and practice these.
3. Come Forward
Depose as a witness if you have observed terror attacks.
4. Be Patient
Expect delays, baggage searches and restrictions at public places and travel facilities.
5. Emergency Plan
Develop a family emergency plan, share it with family and friends and practice it.
6. Market Watch
Check whether markets you go to are secure. Start a boycott campaign if they are not.
7. Learn First Aid
Enroll in a first aid course so you can help in an emergency till medical professionals arrive.
8. Badger Your MLA
Push your local MLA for more public security measures.
9. Community Wardens
Volunteer to help in policing your neighbourhood by reporting suspicious activities.
10. Donate Freely
Look out for genuine charities that are supporting victims of terror and donate generously.
11. Watch The Police
Be part of a resident's initiative to visit your local police station and check whether they have the requisite facilities, enough manpower and equipment to meet the challenge.
12. Be Well Prepared
Undergo a first-aid training course and a drill on how to deal with terrorists. Check with your civic authorities where to go. If they don't know, tell us.
13. Proof Of ID
Start a campaign to have every citizen register under a national ID card system and be willing to produce it when asked by proper authorities.
14. Vote Criminals Out
Take a pledge not to elect a candidate with a criminal track record and actively canvass against such persons.
15. Pay Your Fines
Instead of bribing officials, pay the fine if you are penalised for any offence.
16. Monitor Security
Urge the management of your children's school and your office to improve the security set-up by organising copies of the buildings' blueprints and conducting regular safety drills.
17. Neighbourhood Watch
Create an active neighbourhood watch. Report any suspicious activity and person in your colony to the police. It may take two minutes but it may save a life.
18. Be well-equipped
Get active in your community. Get the details of your Residents' Welfare Association. Remember, safety is a local initiative.
19. Create an SOS hub
Make a list of the emergency care centres in your area with their addresses and contact numbers. Distribute them to the residents around you. Petition for better facilities, if they are inadequate.
20. Be Doubly Sure
Employ people or rent out houses only after duly verifying backgrounds and getting routine police verification done.
Build a more comprehensive charter.
If you have not already pledged
Join the India Today Group Movement

The India Today Group presents a white paper, 'War on Terror: The Agenda for Action' to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
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Join the War on Terror today
You can also
SMS ‘WAR’ to52424
In case you come across any suspicious activity or have any information to tell the Anti-Terror Squad,
Dial All India Toll-Free
Terror Helpline No.1090
The identity of the caller will be kept a secret.
Here's a list of emergency numbers and addresses in 6 important cities.

We bring together stories, videos and pictures on terror attacks across the nation.
India Reacts
The prime purpose of the terrorists is to shatter the peace and unity of the country. The only way to defeat them is by defeating their mindless purpose-- stand with determined resilience with the people of the country irrespective of communal, linguistic and regional barriersn.
Swarnima Bhattacharya ,

Much has been spoken by the leaders, but no concrete work has been done so far. The ministry should not be headed by any politician but by some retired police or preferably some military official.
Shailendra Vikrant , Chandigarh