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Salaam Bombay
Call it Mumbai if you want, but you can't take out the spirit of Bombay from it. No, I am not speaking rather mouthing the cliché of the "great resilience" but the sense of propriety that it displayed through the 3 nights, writes Shankkar Aiyar.
From bang to boom
Terror camps are now moving on from training in handling the AK-47 to assembling improvised explosive devices, writes Sandeep Unnithan.
Motorcycle bombs: SIMI revisited
Were the terrorists who planted the IED in north Gujarat's Modasa town using a modus operandi articulated by the SIMI? It would seem so. Sandeep Unnithan tells more.
Mobile phones as contact bridges
Ever since the mobile phone made its appearance in the subcontinent, its portability has made life easy not only for the average Joe but the terrorist and the underworld operative, writes Sandeep Unnithan.
Terrorising the terrorists
Following the spate of terrorist attacks, the Home Ministry, under advice from Shivraj Patil, decided to add-dress the issue seriously and tailor their response according to the need of the hour, in other words cut the coat according to the cloth, writes Dilip Bobb.
Nine steps for tackling terror
Shankkar Aiyar suggests nine ways that can be adopted to fight terror in the country. Read on to find out.
Is India doomed to being a sucker state?
Every few months, sleeper cells target a locality, a community, a city and set off bombs. And every time we hear the same homilies, insinuations and excuses, writes Shankkar Aiyar.
The new terror
An exclusive, inside look at the shadowy Indian Mujahideen, its leadership, structure, and the kind of threat it poses to the country. Who are they and what is their agends? Uday Mahurkar finds out.
The nation that failed
India displays itys shameful lack of political will to confront the growing threat of radical Islam even as it becomes the easiest target of jihad, writes S. Prasannarajan.
What India can do
As India becomes a prime target of a cocktail of terrorist groups, the country needs to take a radical relook at the anti-terror laws which leave much to be desired, writes Saurabh Shukla.
The radical sweep
The battle for the hearts and minds of Indian Muslims reaches an explosive phase, write Sandeep Unnithan and Uday Mahurkar.
A soft target
As the serial blasts rocked two cities on successive days, the government looked helpless while the terrorists seem emboldened by the inability of the security agencies to counter their attacks, writes Uday Mahurkar.
The desi jihad
Terror now sports an Indian face with ISI training and Taliban indoctrination. It has made the task of weeding out terrorists from locals all the more tough, write Uday Mahurkar and Sandeep Unnithan.
How radical is anger?
The biggest Muslim complaint today is that they are not integrated enough into the India Rising story, a point proven by the Rajinder Sachar Report, writes M. J. Akbar.
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Salaam Bombay
Call it Mumbai if you want, but you can't take out the spirit of Bombay from it, writes Shankkar Aiyar.
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