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With each attack come condemnation, relief packages, VIP visits and then brickbats. Politicians attack, friends grieve and colleagues praise.

A draconian (anti-terrorism) law is likely to be misused. We are known as on eof the best protectors of human rights in the world
- KG Balakrishnan, Chief Justice of India

The only achievement of successive governments of the last 10 years has been the creation of such an atmosphere where nobody would trust Muslims
- HD Deve Gowda

If Allah wants, I'll bomb the market where my mother buys vegetables. She will be sent to paradise.
- Zia-ur Rehman, Delhi bomber

Allah does miracles to save a jihadi, that is true.
- Saquib Nisar, Delhi bomber

I experienced an awakening after I committed my life to Allah. Now life and death are same.
- Mohammed Shakeel, Delhi bomber

Whatever knowledge I have about Islam, I have no regrets about what I did.
- Zia-ur Rehman, Delhi bomber

He (Atif) is dead and we are here (in prison). No regrets, it’s Allah’s test of our fortitude.
- Mohammed Shakeel, Delhi bomber

My father told me I’m not his son. He doesn’t understand jihad for Allah, and nothing else matters to me.
- Zia-ur Rehman, Delhi bomber

If you follow things that are happening in the world, also in India, Muslims are not welcome.
- Mohammed Shakeel, Delhi bomber

We loved to hear Atif talk about jihad. He told me that only a few get to wage jihad for Allah.
- Saquib Nisar, Delhi bomber

The jihad is against Maharashtra for ignoring the Srikrishna Report and for what happened in Gujarat.
- Zia-ur Rehman, Delhi bomber

A handful of Allah ke bande were able to paralyse the economic life of such a big country.
- Mohammed Shakeel, Delhi bomber

By its inaction on the Afzal case, the UPA government has reduced the country's image to that of a soft state.
- L. K. Advani, Leader of the Opposition

Now that they are out of power, they can say anything. But what is important is what they did while in power.
- Abhishek Singhvi, Congress spokesperson

If the UPA government takes any sincere step to combat terrorism, it will get full support from our party.
- Rajnath Singh, BJP president

Blasts are not a cricket match where I should give you a running commentary. Whatever is shared between Gujarat police and us is confidential and should not be revealed.
- Y. S. Dadwal, Delhi Police commissioner

There should be a strong law (to deal with terror).... A powerful law, not a failed law. POTA is a failed law.
- Rahul Gandhi, AICC general secretary and Congress MP

We have lost our best man.
- Delhi Police on Mohan Chand Sharma

He was the all-rounder of the module. He is handsome, tall, very net savvy and did polished talking. He used to chat a lot on the net and provided the camouflage to the module when they wanted to go underground.
- Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) on HGS Dhaliwal on Shaquir, one of the suspected terrorists

He has told the police that Atif planned to plant 20 bombs in the Nehru Place market.
- Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) on Shakil, another suspected terrorist

He can feel our touch and hear us speak, but he cannot react.
- Mother of Amit Singh, a Mumbai train blast victim

Is he alive or dead for us? You can decide for yourself
- G. Vasantha, mother of G. Sadashiva Reddy, a victim of Hyderabad blasts

For survivors like us, every moment is agony. Each time I hear of a blast, I just pray that the survivors don't have to undergo what I have gone through.
- Vinod Poddar, 43, a government employee injured during the Delhi blasts in October 29, 2005

No, no, no. It (POTA) is a draconian (law) and against human rights. If the present anti-terror laws are implemented properly, there is no requirement for additional laws.
- Information and Broadcasting Minister PR Dasmunsi

The people who care about terrorists and terrorism are the ones who oppose strong laws.
- Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat

We need tough laws for giving punishment and for the progress of investigation. You cannot fight the high-tech terrorists of the 21st century with outdated laws of the 19th century. This increases the confidence of terrorists.
- Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat

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