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Obama sought Indian votes through Hindi, Malayalam leaflets
Barack Obama, who became the first black President of US, had projected himself as a "powerful" spokesman for rights of minorities and a crusader against discrimination as he wooed the Indian- Americans in their vernacular languages.
Warm handshake, radiant look: That's Obama
"Anything is possible in America. Anytime," said Senator Barack Obama four years ago during an interaction with India Today's Associate Editor Ramesh Vinayak, who had caught up with him at an election rally in Chicago then.
The Indian factor
Americans of Asian origin, though a minority, have a significant say in some swing states apart from being major fundraisers for both candidates. A survey shows they are tilting to Obama, writes Lavina Melwani.
Sarah Palin's Indian technocrat
"The biggest learning from Sarah Palin is leadership. She has given the opportunity to young leaders to be a part of public service and lead. If you feel strongly about something, you go out and do it," says Anand Dubey, the Director of Enterprise Technology Services for Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's state since October 2007.
Bangalored redux
Like John Kerry four years ago, Barack Obama appears to be threatening to put a spanner in IT outsourcing. Is he serious?
T. V. Mahalingam finds out.
Indian IT honchos shrug off Obama threat to outsourcing
The Indian IT industry remains unfazed by the threat to outsourcing sounded by US Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. "Companies that ship jobs overseas will not get tax breaks," he said in his nomination address at the Denver democratic national convention last week.
Indians in US welcome Obama win
A large number of Indian-Americans feel Obama's win is a good news for the community as well as for India.
Obama vs McCain: Who's better for India?
The primary season in the ongoing American elections has drawn to a close. The spotlight now shifts to the next stage as Republican nominee John McCain and his Democratic rival Barack Obama take each other on in the run up to the November presidential election.
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Dos and don'ts for Obama
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The democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama backs the Indo-US nuke deal but may he be under pressure to reinforce non-proliferation rules that could restrict transfer of technology and fuel to India.
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The Obama effect
Obama, like Rajiv Gandhi, brings the promise of big change. The concern is, can he deliver. Raj Chengappa tells more.
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