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Obama has full plate on Day 1
On his first day in the oval office, President Barack Obama launched efforts to revive the economy, summoned his war council to chart a new course in Iraq and plunged into Middle East diplomacy.
President Obama takes oath of office for 2nd time
In a rare do-over, Barack H. Obama was sworn in for second time as the US President by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court John Roberts at White House.
Pak retorts to Obama's warning
Pakistan said on Wednesday it would review its options if the Barack Obama administration didn't adopt a positive policy toward the country, even as the new US president said aid to Pakistan would be linked to the war against terror.
Obama set to chalk out America's new war strategy
On his first full day in office, President Barack Obama is set to roll out his new war strategy as he chairs a crucial meeting of his top military and national security advisers today at the White House.
Obama ties aid to Pak terror control
The new Obama administration has cautioned Pakistan that it would be held accountable for the security in the border regions of Afghanistan and that its performance in the fight against terrorism would be linked to the financial aid to it.
Obama signs first presidential proclamation
Following his inauguration on Tuesday, President Barack Obama walked into the Capitol and signed his Cabinet nominations and signed a proclamation of national renewal and reconciliation.
Barack Obama becomes 44th US President
Barack Hussein Obama becomes the first black American to occupy the White House on Tuesday, fulfilling Martin Luther King's dream sooner than anyone had imagined.
Text of Obama's inauguration address
Placing his hand on the Bible that Abraham Lincoln had used 147 years ago for his own swearing-in, Barack Obama took the oath of office at 12.05 pm on the steps of the Capitol.
Joe Biden is new US Vice-President
Joseph 'Joe' Biden was on Tuesday sworn in as the new vice-president of the US at the Capitol. Biden is a long-time Senator and veteran foreign policy expert who is considered a close friend of India.
India jittery on the eve of change in US
A day before Barack Obama takes charge as the 44th US President, India's Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon says he is "nervous" about this change.
Obamas inherit a White House built by black slaves
The apple card will have turned when Michelle Obama, whose ancestors were slaves who helped build the White House, will sleep in the room of presidents.
Meeting current challenges won't be easy: Obama
US President-elect Barack Obama forewarned Americans of the tough days ahead and said that meeting the challenges being faced by United States, specially the economic crisis, is not going to be easy.
Star-studded events to mark Obama inauguration
The historic inauguration of Barack Obama, the first black-American President of the US, will be celebrated in a number of events featuring the virtual who's who of the entertainment and glamour world.
Obamamania is a $100 mn market
As he prepares for his historical inauguration next week, people are buying all sorts of merchandise in his name or image - creating an unprecedented market estimated to be worth $100 million.
From Bush to Obama, traditions anchor inaugural ceremony
His campaign promised change and his election as America's first black president broke historical barriers, yet when Democrat Barack Obama moves into the White House on Tuesday, tradition guides every step of the ceremonial day.
Barack Obama rides history for date with destiny
Barack Obama, who would become America's first black president in two days, rolled into Washington for his historic inauguration on a vintage train, retracing the last leg of his hero Abraham Lincoln's journey in 1861.
Several Indian-Americans in Obama-Biden team
Several Indian-Americans have been appointed to the Obama-Biden transition team. Parag Mehta from Texas has been named the deputy director of inter-governmental affairs and public liaison for several minority groups. Besides Parag, there are a few more Indian-Americans in the team too.
Obama team to take N-deal forward: Aide
Terming the Indo-US nuclear deal as the "tipping point" in the new relationship between the two countries, a key aide of President-elect Barack Obama has expressed confidence that the new administration will take forward that agreement and build on it despite initial reservations the Democrat had on the issue.
Hillary Clinton to replace Rice: Report
Hillary Clinton has decided to accept the job of Secretary of State in US president-elect Barack Obama's administration, the New York Times reported on its website.
Indo-US strategic ties important, Obama tells PM
The new US administration would like to work with India on all global issues, US president-elect Barack Obama said in an early morning phone call to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday.
Obama not to attend G20 meet
US President-elect Barack Obama will not attend the G20 Summit scheduled for this weekend as he believes that there is "only one president at a time", his aides have said.
I was approached for VP post: Jindal
Indian-American Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, has disclosed that he was approached by the McCain campaign to be a possible running mate of the Republican nominee in the November 4 polls.
Bush, Obama have a 'friendly' chat on transfer of power
Barack Obama, who will be America's first African-American president in 10 weeks, made his first visit to the White House - his future home and office - to discuss transfer of power with President George W. Bush.
US stocks dive five per cent after Obama wins
The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 486.01 points to 9,139.27, the broader Standard & Poor's 500 Index was down 52.98 points to 952.77 and Nasdaq Composite Index fell 98.48 points to 1,681.64.
Obama to work for stronger Indo-US ties
The democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama backs the Indo-US nuclear deal but may he be under pressure to reinforce non-proliferation rules that could restrict transfer of technology and fuel to India.
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The democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama backs the Indo-US nuke deal but may he be under pressure to reinforce non-proliferation rules that could restrict transfer of technology and fuel to India.
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