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'60% Americans believe McCain's attacks on Obama unfair'
A recent poll by CNN shows nearly six out of 10 Americans have this feeling, and the number has only risen from the last time the poll was conducted in September, when only 42 per cent felt McCain was running an overly negative campaign.
Obama the right man for hard times: Washington Post
Calling Senator Barack Obama the "right man for a perilous moment," the newspaper on Friday endorsed the Democratic candidate for the US presidency.
McCain, Obama spar in final faceoff before poll
Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain sparred in their final debate televised live over issues ranging from the economic crisis to who has run the more negative campaign.
McCain faces uphill battle as Obama surges ahead
As the US presidential race enters the last three weeks, a string of new state polls show Republican John McCain facing an uphill battle against Democrat Barack Obama in several key battlegrounds.
3 weeks to go, Obama 8 points ahead of McCain
Obama leads McCain 50-42 per cent, with eight per cent undecided, says a CNN poll of polls comprising six recently-released surveys.
Obama to counter McCain attacks with adverts
The advertisements would run on October 29, six days before the election, at 8:30 p.m. on the US East coast and 5:30 p.m. in the West.
McCain, Obama spar over US bailout plan
As lawmakers and officials scrambled to finalise the Bush administration's $700 billion bailout plan to save the US financial system from collapse, the two presidential candidates sparred over how to deal with the mess.
Obama vows to kill Osama
Speaking at a debate, the Democrat criticizes Bush's policies and says he would take action in case Laden is found in Pakistan and the country is unable or unwilling to take him out.
Obama favourite among Indian-Americans: Survey
A survey conducted by four universities in the United States showed 41% Asian-Americans supported Obama, while just 24% backed McCain.
Palin, Biden clash over change, economy, war on terror
The two vice-presidential candidates fight over a plethora of issues ranging from the war on Iran and Afghanistan to the economic crisis during their 90-minute debate.
Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel to rock for Obama
Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Barack Obama will be together on stage for a benefit for the Democratic presidential nominee on October 16.
Obama to encourage India, Pakistan to sign CTBT, resolve Kashmir
The Democratic presidential nominee says that if elected he would encourage the neighbours to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and resolve the Kashmir issue to reduce nuclear dangers in South Asia.
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