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Bush 'energised and excited' by McCain's VP choice
Bush has hailed the selection of Alaska's little-known female Governor Sarah Palin as the running mate of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, calling her a 'proven reformer who is a wise steward' of taxpayers' dollars.
Real threat lies in Afghanistan, not Iraq: Obama
Describing Bush's war on terror as "flawed", Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday said while America has got bogged down in Iraq, the real threat to Washington's interest remained at large in Afghanistan.
Barack Obama accepts presidential nomination
Senator Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party's presidential nomination on Thursday night in Denver, becoming the first-ever African-American to win the nod of a US major party.
Biden takes vice presidential nod
Veteran Senator Joe Biden has formally accepted the Democratic Party's offer to be vice president to Barack Obama, who made a surprise appearance at the party's convention a day before he plans to give his own acceptance speech.
Obama wins Democratic nomination
Senator Barack Obama made history when Democrats officially nominated him as party's presidential candidate, the first black nominee for a major US party, to fight and end eight years of Republican control of the White House.
Hillary is 'proud supporter of Barack Obama'
Hillary Clinton made a triumphant arrival at the Democratic convention as delegates wildly cheered for minutes and waved white "Hillary" signs.
No 'true threat' to Barack Obama: US police
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama faced no "true threat" from three white men arrested in Colarado, US authorities claimed, even as they charged them with gun and drugs offences.
Biden 'uniquely suited' to be running mate: Obama
Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has praised Joe Biden, his pick for vice president, as a man capable of changing the culture of politics in Washington despite his 36 years in the national legislature.
Biden is Obama's running mate
Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has chosen veteran Delaware senator Joe Biden as his pick for vice president, the campaign confirmed early on Saturday in a text message sent to supporters.
McCain's office evacuated after receiving suspicious letter
US Republican presidential candidate John McCain's campaign office in Denver, Colorado has been evacuated after receiving a threatening letter with suspicious white powder, a spokesman has said.
Obama slams McCain for backing Musharraf
Maintaining that the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan are the central front in the war on terrorism, Obama has slammed Republican rival John McCain for backing a "dictator" in former president Pervez Musharraf.
Obama lauds South Asians' support in his campaign
Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has thanked South Asians for supporting his campaign and stressed that they played a big role in enabling the US to "overcome the politics of division and distraction".
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