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Obama, McCain spar over $700 bn US bailout plan
The two candidates running for president hit out on each other during their campaign. While McCain's spokesman said Obama was just not offering new ideas and was thus not ready to lead, Obama called McCain a 'great deregulator'.
Obama the real agent of change: Poll
Only 37% voters believed McCain would bring real change in Washington's policies, while a sizeable 65% saw Obama as the agent for bringing about change. There's a general opinion that McCain would only continue Bush's policies.
'McCain to build on strategic engagement with India'
McCain's foreign policy advisor Richard Fontaine says the Republican presidential candidate supported close and enduring ties between India and the US.
Did McCain help invent the BlackBerry?
A top advisor to Republican candidate John McCain has said the senator helped invent the modern "miracle" known as the BlackBerry.
Pak using US funds for war against India: Obama
Accusing Pakistan of misusing the massive American aid to fight the war on terror, Democratic nominee for the US Presidential election Barack Obama has said Islamabad was using these funds for "preparing for a war against India".
John McCain accepts Republican nomination
John McCain has touted his record as a reformer and sought to reclaim the mantle of change from his Democratic opponent in a speech accepting the Republican Party's presidential nomination.
Obama campaign fires back; ties McCain, Palin to Bush
Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama criticised his Republican opponents on Thursday for supporting President George W. Bush's policies.
McCain chooses Sarah Palin as running mate
Republican White House hopeful John McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate for the November four presidential polls in the US, the media reported on Friday.
Obama, McCain urge focus on Afghanistan
Democrat Barack Obama said the US must broaden its foreign policy focus beyond Iraq and focus on fighting Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, while Republican McCain put forward his strategy for addressing ongoing violence there.
Gallagher impressed with Obama
Oasis lead singer Noel Gallagher is excited about the US elections as he has been impressed by Democrat candidate Barack Obama. A UK website reports that Gallagher admits he was mesmerised by Obama's recent acceptance speech.
'Obama will revive African-American music'
Hollywood filmmaker Spike Lee is certain that Barack Obama will change the face of African-American music if he wins. According to, Lee is one of the many celebrities who is supporting the Democratic Party candidate Obama.
McCain faces uphill battle
Republican presidential candidate John McCain's struggle to convince voters that he feels their financial pain just got even more difficult after a top economic advisor to his campaign suggested the US slowdown was all in people's minds.
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The democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama backs the Indo-US nuke deal but may he be under pressure to reinforce non-proliferation rules that could restrict transfer of technology and fuel to India.
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Obama, like Rajiv Gandhi, brings the promise of big change. The concern is, can he deliver. Raj Chengappa tells more.
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