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McCain turns to star power
With opinion polls still giving an edge to Democrat Barack Obama, Republican rival John McCain deployed star power in Ohio as he claimed the tide was now turning in his favour.
McCain, Obama criss-cross swing states
John McCain and Barack Obama continued their last-ditch attempts to appeal to wavering voters in swing states as the US economy took another step toward recession.
Obama launches media blitz in final push
The Democratic presidential candidate appears on TV to push his campaign with just six days to go for the Nov 4 elections.
Obama asks supporters not to slow down
Barack Obama, though ahead in the race to the November 4 elections, has refused to slow down and asked his supporters to keep the momentum of the campaign going.
McCain calls Obama 'redistributionist'
Republican presidential nominee John McCain, desperate to gain ground after trailing in a series of opinion polls, again sought to project Obama as a "socialist", a term that still arouses suspicion in the US.
Plot to assassinate Obama foiled
Federal agents have thwarted a plot by two Nazi-sympathisers to kill the Democrat presidential candidate along with several students at a school.
McCain vows comeback
Most political analysts have written him off, but Republican senator John McCain believes the race is getting closer with each passing day.
Can transformational Obama still be trumped by race?
Barely 11 days away, America's presidential elections appear increasingly likely to anoint a transformational, post-racial and young leader in Senator Barack Obama as its 44th president.
Obama catches up with McCain in rural US
Obama now leads McCain 46 to 45 per cent in 13 swing states, according to the Centre for Rural Strategies poll, commissioned on behalf of the National Rural Assembly.
New York Times endorses Barack Obama
The influential New York Times became the fourth mainstream American daily to endorse Barack Obama, saying he "has proved that he is the right choice to be the 44th president of the United States."
Obama refutes McCain's attacks
Democratic presidential hopefulBarack Obama says the McCain campaign's use of implausible arguments is an indication that they have run out of ideas.
US poll expected to be the most expensive ever
As much as $5.3 billion is expected to be spent, an amount that is over the Gross Domestic Product of several small countries but something that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain even wince about for a nanosecond.
Palin's fashion needs cost party $150,000
The money has been used on Sarah Palin's clothing, hair styling, makeup and other 'campaign accessories' during the month of September, following her nomination as John McCain's running mate.
Noam Chomsky slams Obama, McCain
Leading public intellectual Noam Chomsky is not impressed with all the "rhetoric" and says the US essentially has only one party: business party.
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