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Obama shakes a leg
The new US President Barack Obama danced at 10 official balls one after the other with wife Michelle Obama.
Obama's inaugural address as US President
Barack Obama takes oath of office on Tuesday as the 44th president of the US and pledges to "begin again the work of remaking America."
Obama sworn in as US President
Swearing to "preserve, protect and defend" the US constitution, Barack Obama on Tuesday became the nation's 44th – and the first black – president.
Joe Biden takes oath as US Vice-President
The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is considered to be a close friend of India.
Michelle shines in Isabel Toledo dress
First Lady Michelle Obama's choice of outfit underscored her reputation as a fashion individual with a strong sense of personal style.
I’m impressed with Obama: Chatwal
Indian-American hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal hopes Obama will be able to revive the US economy soon.
Aretha Franklin sings at Obama's inauguration
Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin performs the US anthem, 'Let Freedom Ring', at Barack Obama's Presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington DC on Capitol Hill.
Dignitaries attend inauguration ceremony
Former US presidents George H. W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton with his wife Hillary Clinton arrive to witness the swearing-in ceremony of Barack Obama.
Bush greets Obama at White House
Outgoing US President George Bush and his wife Laura greet Barack Obama and his wife Michelle at White House before the swearing-in ceremony.
Dos and don'ts for Obama
Once Obama is sworn in as President of America, he has to kick some of his habits which include smoking, carrying his Blackberry, basketball and his passion for the ocean.
Obama's 5 impressive speeches
President-elect Barack Obama in one of his past speeches said the US elections has not been about him but about the people of United States.
What will Obama say?
There is a huge anticipation in the world over Barack Obama's inaugural speech as he is likely to concentrate on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, America's ecnomy and climate change.
Obama pays tribute to martyrs
President-elect Barack Obama visits the Tomb of Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetry with Vice President-elect Joe Biden to pay tribute to the nation's martyrs, ahead of his swearing-in as country's 44th president on Tuesday.
Economy first priority, says Obama
US President-elect Barack Obama vows to take on economic crisis 'head on' and says that he will take the necessary steps to ease the credit upheaval.
Obama's first speech after victory
President-elect Barack Obama says American voters have proved that US has never been just a collection of red states or blue states, but is and will always be United States.
McCain concedes defeat, congratulates Obama
The Republican presidential candidate John McCain says Obama’s success commands his respect for his ability and perseverance.
Obama wins in Florida
The Democratic presidential candidate is leading with big margins in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maine.
Chicago gears up to celebrate Obama’s win
Security has been beefed up in Obama’s hometown, where he is supposed to address his first rally, after the results of the US polls are declared.
Barack Obama loses grandmother to cancer
The Democratic presidential nominee lost his 86-year old maternal grandmother, whom he credited for being his inspiration behind the presidential race.
Attacks against Obama haven’t helped: Duff
Patricia Duff, senior advisor of Obama’s poll campaign says the Democratic nominee shows a character that we aren’t used to seeing in American politics.
Obama, McCain target swing states
With just two days to go for the voting, the two US presidential hopefuls campaign hard for support.
'Obama's aunt staying illegally in the US'
A report suggests that Zeituni Onyango, Barack Obama's father's half sister is an illegal immigrant in the US.
When Palin got call from 'Sarkozy'
Montreal-based comedian Mark Antoine Audette, notorious for making prank calls to celebrities, pretends to be French President Sarkozy and calls McCain's running mate Sarah Palin.
US polls: NRIs to vote in large numbers
Indian Americans, whose population is over 25 lakhs in US, is expected to play a key role in the US presidential polls.
US poll campaign enters its last leg
With three days left for US elections, Obama campaigns in Iowa and McCain tours Ohio to woo voters.
Obama accepts presidential nomination
Senator Barack Obama formally accepts the Democratic presidential nomination and vows to turn back the turmoil of the past eight years.
Obama accepts presidential nomination
Senator Barack Obama formally accepts the Democratic presidential nomination and vows to turn back the turmoil of the past eight years.
Barack Obama creates history
Democrats officially nominate the senator for White House, making him the first major black nominee for the post of president.
Hillary promises support for Obama
The New York Senator says a Republican can't be allowed to squander promises in the White House.
Obama pairs up with Joseph Biden
Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Senator Joseph Biden, who supports the Indo-US nuclear deal and has spend 30 years in Senate, to be his vice-presidential running mate.
Barack Obama in Britain
Obama, who is on a week-long European tour to boost his foreign policy credentials, is scheduled to meet Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and David Cameron.
Obama-Osama cartoon kicks up row
Latest issue of New Yorker magazine features the Democratic presidential hopeful as a Muslim and his wife as a gun-totting terrorist with a portrait of Osama bin Laden in the backdrop.
Obama clinches Democratic nomination
Barack Obama wins Montana while South Dakota is taken by Hillary Clinton. Hillary, however, refuses to concede defeat.
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Obama shakes a leg
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Obama sworn in as US President
Dos and don'ts for Obama
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The democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama backs the Indo-US nuke deal but may he be under pressure to reinforce non-proliferation rules that could restrict transfer of technology and fuel to India.
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