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World leaders congratulate Obama
World leaders of many countries including Canada, New Zealand and Iran have congratulated Barack Obama on his historic victory in the US presidential elections.
Obama big winner if the rest of the world could vote: Survey
As per a global survey, Barack Obama would score a crushing victory over John McCain if the rest of the world could also vote in the US election.
Australians want Obama as next US president: Poll
About 76 per cent of the Australians voted for Senator Obama to win the next month's presidential election as against nearly ten per cent supporting Republican nominee John McCain, a recent poll has indicated.
World wants Obama as US president
People around the world, including India, have more confidence in Obama than in McCain to make the right decisions on world affairs.
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Obama shakes a leg
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Obama sworn in as US President
Dos and don'ts for Obama
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The democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama backs the Indo-US nuke deal but may he be under pressure to reinforce non-proliferation rules that could restrict transfer of technology and fuel to India.
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The Obama effect
Obama, like Rajiv Gandhi, brings the promise of big change. The concern is, can he deliver. Raj Chengappa tells more.
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