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About the Survey

INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY: This study is essentially a part of a series of opinion polls which India Today conducts yearly to understand the sexual behavior, attitudes and trends in the society.

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was chiefly to understand different facets of sexuality of single/married men and women.

TARGET RESPONDENTS: This year, we talked to both single and married males and females in the age group 18-40 years of age and hailing from Socio Economic Classes (SEC) A & B.

THE CATEGORIES: This time the sex survey takes an intimate turn, travelling down into the secret life of young urban India. Listed below are the 7 categories that are covered in the current Sex Survey:

Underage Sex: It's the ultimate taboo. But how many urban Indians have had sex below the age of consent? Was it with an older person? Was it forced or consensual?

Paid for Sex: How many men have had sex with prostitutes? What about women? Do most Indian men have their first sexual experience with call girls? What about the supposedly widespread existence of foreign prostitutes?

Getting Creative: Quirky, kinky or creepy. How many ways does urban India have sex? How many ways do they WISH they had it?

Is it as widespread as pop culture would have us believe? If so is it at the workplace, in the neighbourhood, between friends?

Homosexuality: How many urban Indians have had homesexual experiences? Is it more among women than men?

Pornography: The survey will also have stories arising from the results and columns from various people.

Incest: Our surveys have consistently shown a distubring trend. 10 per cent actually admit to incest. How widespread is it? How often does it happen? Is it more done to than done?


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First impressions

13 per cent men have slept with their neighbours, which is higher than the percentage with colleagues and prostitutes.
'Twelve per cent more women (in comparison to men) prefer spending the night with a gigolo from a different country.
40 per cent men consider rear entry their favourite position compared to only 17 per cent women.
47 per cent respondents in Ludhiana have committed adultery. Delhi comes second at 39 per cent.
22 per cent divorced males disapprove of homosexuality. The corresponding figure for married and single men is 80 per cent.

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Surfer Speak
Sanjiv Gupta, Perth
It's disheartening to read the changing face of the Indian society towards sexuality. I congratulate India Today for conducting such a difficult survey and enlightening us with alarming statistics.
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