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  • One out of every ten women approves of homo sexuality. With Ahmedabad and Bangalore registering the highest approval levels, women in these two towns are the most favourably disposed to homosexuality across all towns.

  • At 82 percent, heterosexuality remains the dominant sexual orientation. Some 21 percent of all women surveyed in Ahmedabad and 17 percent in Bangalore claim to be homosexual. What is interesting to note here is that Ahmedabad makes no bones about its unconventional sexual preference with women here reporting to be open (out of the closet) about it. In vivid counterpoint, the vast majority of homosexual women in Bangalore, however, are closet homosexuals.

  • While women in Lucknow (19%) and Patna (15%) report the highest levels of homosexual fantasy, women in Ahmedabad (17%) and Bangalore (12%), in consonance with reported sexual orientation trends, are the most likely across the board to say they have had a homosexual encounter.

  • Friends are the most commonly reported homosexual partners for those that report having ever had a homosexual experience at the aggregate level (50%). About two-thirds (67%) of the women that have ever had a homosexual experience in Ahmedabad have done it with a friend. Homosexual experiences in Bangalore, on the other hand, are most commonly reported with colleagues (48%) or relatives (19%). This finding is of particular note since homosexuality in Bangalore is skewed towards covert practice.

  • 9 percent of the females approve of sex with male prostitutes and this is highest in 4 Metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) and Tier I town Ludhiana.

Underage Sex

  • Some 14 percent of the female respondents say that they approve of underage sex. Approval is highest in Chennai followed by Ahmedabad and Ludhiana. Most (43%) of the females had their first sex in their twenties. Pre-teen sex does not appear to be common amongst females. Sex during teen age finds most prominence in metros, starting with Delhi at 27 percent followed by Mumbai and Chennai.

  • At an all India level, one out of every ten females in the age group of 35-40 is reported to be a virgin.

  • 16 percent of the females had their first sex with boy friends. In 8 percent of the cases first sex took place with a person known to the female (neighbour/ relative) highest incidences in Chennai and Bangalore.

  • In 8 percent of the cases females had their first sex with someone younger to them this is prominent in Chennai and Bangalore.

  • 1 out of 10 female in India initiated first to have sex during their first sexual encounter. (Patna, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata).
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13 per cent men have slept with their neighbours, which is higher than the percentage with colleagues and prostitutes.
'Twelve per cent more women (in comparison to men) prefer spending the night with a gigolo from a different country.
40 per cent men consider rear entry their favourite position compared to only 17 per cent women.
47 per cent respondents in Ludhiana have committed adultery. Delhi comes second at 39 per cent.
22 per cent divorced males disapprove of homosexuality. The corresponding figure for married and single men is 80 per cent.

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Surfer Speak
Sanjiv Gupta, Perth
It's disheartening to read the changing face of the Indian society towards sexuality. I congratulate India Today for conducting such a difficult survey and enlightening us with alarming statistics.
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