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Overseas adventure

How well do you know the intricacies of sex and relationships?
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First impressions

Some 57 percent of all men that report having had sex with female prostitutes at least once in their lives have paid for sex some times or more.
Hyderabad and Ahmedabad report the highest incidence of paid sex with the vast majority (83% and 70 % respectively) saying they have paid for sex all the time.
At the aggregate level, some 14 percent of all men who report having had sex with a prostitute at least once say they have slept with a foreign prostitute.
Sex with foreign prostitutes has the highest incidence in Delhi (33%) and Mumbai (29%). One in three men (34%) who report having had sex with a prostitute at least once would like to have sex with a foreign prostitute.

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Surfer Speak
Sanjiv Gupta, Perth
It's disheartening to read the changing face of the Indian society towards sexuality. I congratulate India Today for conducting such a difficult survey and enlightening us with alarming statistics.
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