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The study was divided in two phases. In first phase, recruitment interviews were done where respondents were asked basic questions mainly regarding their demographics and their consent was taken for participating in the survey anonymously (by promising that their identity will be protected).

This was followed by the second phase in which they were asked to complete a self-administered questionnaire. We tried to use interviewers who had the experience in handling such sensitive issues.

In most cases, the same teams which conducted the earlier sex surveys were given the task.

Sensitive issues and protection of identity: To protect the identity of respondents, a big box (identical to ballot boxes used in elections) was kept in the venue where each respondent came and dropped the questionnaire filled by him / her without their name or contact details written on them.

Looking at the fact that the questionnaire covered quite a few sensitive issues, the above steps were felt appropriate. Also for the same reasons, some respondents choose not to reply few questions in the questionnaire and their views were rightly respected..

Reporting: The key findings of the study are presented in terms of percentages.

Centre Male Female Total
Delhi 247 242 489
Chennai 249 237 486
Hyderabad 240 241 481
Hyderabad 232 247 479
Patna 240 240 480
Ahmedabad 248 242 490
Bangalore 250 249 499
Patna 250 250 500
Jaipur 242 238 480
Mumbai 241 239 480
Kolkata 246 243 489
Total 2685 2668 5353

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40 per cent men consider rear entry their favourite position compared to only 17 per cent women.
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Surfer Speak
Sanjiv Gupta, Perth
It's disheartening to read the changing face of the Indian society towards sexuality. I congratulate India Today for conducting such a difficult survey and enlightening us with alarming statistics.
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