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About the Survey
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Survey Highlights
More than a third of the men exhibit highly materialistic attitudes. While there are 28% moderates, 13% exhibit low level of materialistic attitudes.
'Unmarried couple living together' is certainly not acceptable to 90% of Indian men.
For men working in high profile jobs, aspects such as brand names and workplace characteristics are spoken about with a great deal of reverence.
For some products, men appear to be regular and heavy users. They are also buying more than one brand in many cases of multiple purchases in a year.
Most 45+ men are yet to start future planning. 48% "cannot even say what level of support they would get from their kids."
Indian men do not want many children. About one-third has not really thought about the issue.

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Surfer Speak
Vikas Makan
The Indian man wants a working woman, who supports the family and is financially sound. This should not come as a surprise...
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Are Indian men more emotional than woman?
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Tell us your experiences of being an Indian man or living with one.
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Guy Talk
Business Today
Business Today Jeffrey Vardon, 42:
Earlier, they (Chennai men) were all MCPs. Now the man is far more relaxed. He is willing to listen to his wife.Business Today

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